Ian Hoyt

Ian Hoyt is our founder and Director of Marketing Strategy Services. Ian has built his career on helping to navigate the middle ground between branding and how it impacts marketing scale. Currently, he works in the tech marketplace space where he focuses on growth initiatives in the marketing organization. Formerly he was Chief Marketing Officer of Shark Tank-backed startup Grypmat, where he helped pivot their sales from wholesale to DTC going from $0 to $5m+ in under two years with a streamlined budget. He has worked with clients like Swarovski, Varsity All-Star, ForeFlight a Boeing Company, United Nations, and more to help to create campaigns that drive results and not just nice-looking creative.

What are you listening to these days?

Typically I’m listening to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. But, since Spotify only “gets me” about 50% of the time, I can always default to Ben Howard and Gregory Alan Isakov.

If you could be surrounded by a roomful of only one breed of puppy, which breed would you choose?

Bernese Mountain pups every day of the week. If their multi-tone super soft coats don’t make you melt, I don’t know if you’re a human. This likely means you shouldn’t be trusted around puppies.

So get outta here.

What do you go do when you close your laptop?


What does creating mean to you?

Creating is an opportunity for me to help someone feel something emotional while at the same time educating them about a topic or issue that maybe they never knew even existed. That gets me really excited.

Please share one useless fact about yourself that we barely care to know but people can use as an icebreaker on an awkward blind conference call:

I flew a real airplane by myself on my 16th birthday. This also meant I flew by myself before I could even drive a car by myself.

Yes, my mom survived that day and so did I.