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We have a big announcement. One that we’ve been building up the courage to tell you for a few months. It’s time…Yeah, you heard us right, we just said hello. Wilbur Agency is now open for business and ready to help the aviation industry tackle their aviation marketing and branding needs. So who exactly are we? What do we do? Why should you even care? We’re so glad you asked…

We are… a creative aviation marketing agency and we call Columbus, Ohio our home. Our team is filled with talented creative and strategic marketing rockstars who all have a passion for creating results for our clients.

What we do… is help brands across the nation of all shapes and sizes in their branding, digital advertising, and aviation marketing needs.

Why you should care… is simple. Either your aviation brand may be looking for a refresh of your look and feel, or you may need help finding new ways to connect and acquire customers in the digital world. Either of which are very important reasons to care.

Aviation marketing and branding runs deep

But we must confess, we’ve been around for a few months operating in super stealth mode. It’s not like we’ve been keeping ourselves a secret or anything, we’ve just been having too much fun staying busy working hard with our clients, moving into our office, and figuring out how to operate the virtual water cooler. We think we have a grip on things now so we figured with maturity comes a public announcement, right?

Like we said, we love all things branding and marketing related. One thing we didn’t mention near enough 😉 is our love affair with aviation and travel. If you take a look around our website you will likely notice a zealous amount of airplanes decorating our virtual walls. This is no accident, we love airplanes. Wilbur partners, Ian Hoyt and Kyle Vermillion both have a passion for aviation. Whether it be Ian who flies airplanes around the midwest on the weekends, or Kyle who secretly is plotting his master plan of being an airline CEO someday, our culture is deeply rooted in aviation and it runs the industry spectrum.


cessna 172 base to final turn

As a result, it’s likely no surprise that we have many wonderful clients in the aviation industry. We know this industry inside and out. Don’t get us wrong we love finding creative ways to help brands in just about any industry, but when a brand in aviation approaches us we get a few extra butterflies. 🙂

We want to begin explaining absolutely everything we do as a full-service creative aviation marketing agency, but that could take a while. That’s why you can expect weekly articles here on our blog that will come from the minds of those who are behind the scenes here. Our team members who make this agency tick will give you tools and insight that can help jumpstart your brand’s digital efforts. Be sure to subscribe below to get the latest articles right when they pop.

We set out on this journey to create an agency that does things a little differently for aviation marketing. At the end of the day, our passion is to foster emotional connections that help pull the best out of brands and their customers. We believe this is what helps drive results, but most importantly strengthens the mission of the clients we work with. We’re excited for our future, but more importantly we hope we can be a part of yours.

Let the journey begin!

Team Wilbur